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1Lisaflute4Whether performing, teaching, leading an ensemble, or consulting, I see my role as one of bringing together my knowledge of music with your ever increasing knowledge of human experience – of love, family, tradition, novelty, beauty, and the wide range of emotions we all experience.

Music is to me the most sublime form of human expression. Music has inherent beauty that creates an energy, a reflection, an expression, a mood, a thought, a feeling, that is indescribable by any means other than itself. Aside from any functionality, music has an inherent value that defies either description or any other form of expression.

I also see music as a tool. The use of music as a tool does not in any way lessen its inherent value – but brings it even more deeply into the human experience. Whether I am helping a child to develop into a fully expressive and capable human being, or an adult to enjoy continuing challenges throughout life, or whether I’m assisting a wedding couple to tie together family traditions with emotional sparks to create a special mood for their wedding day, music is a tool that accentuates the experience of living in more ways than can be measured.

I was once told in a communication with a bride planning her wedding music: “I love working with you because you never make me feel like a ditsy bride.”

Whether you’re contacting me for a wedding or for your child’s or your own musical development, I will always take your comments and interests seriously. I know what questions to ask in order to help you to make your dreams a reality.

Your wedding is your day to fashion as you would most like. My role is to share the information that I have to assist you in creating the ambiance you wish for, with your tastes, style preferences, and images of the day in the center of the planning process. My role is to either hear your wishes and implement them with a clear understanding of your interests, or to help you to see options of ways that your interests can become clearer to both of us. Sometimes it’s simple – you tell me what you’d like and I go forth with that information. Knowing your musical interests and clarity goes a long way in helping me to express your interests in my music. Sometimes there’s a back and forth process of suggestions, questions, and a wide range of thoughts, YouTube videos and other links exchanged. I know the questions to ask you to help along this path. You may also wish to check out my blog entries for thoughts on repertoire. I also write quarterly articles about wedding music for Vermont Bride Magazine – you can click this link for one of my recent articles.

Your child’s, or your own, musical development as a flute student is something that I both take very seriously and find great joy in being a part of. There’s quite a lot of research out there now which makes it clear that music lessons at any age help with brain connections, emotional processing, physical coordination, and so much more. (Click here for a listing of studies relevant to young children specifically – there’s also a huge body of research pointing to music lessons in retirement years preventing Alzheimer’s). Music truly involves the total development of a whole person. Throughout the process I highly value your input and interests to make the process  fruitful and enjoyable in every way possible. 

Please do see my Wedding Testimonials and Teaching Testimonials pages for more detail from those I’ve worked for in the past.

Also, please click here for my Wedding Music Blog, with more information about the musical ensembles I offer, for repertoire suggestions, links to our YouTube music videos as well as additional audio samples, and many blog entries about specific weddings we’ve played for in the past, and much more.

OR click here for my Flute Studio Blog with information about private lessons, flute choir and group options, lessons for students of particular ages and levels, the Suzuki Method and a more traditional approach to teaching.  You’ll also find practice tips, tips for parents, and many additional thoughts on playing or enjoying the flute.

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